Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Toontastic iPad App For Social Studies

Mr. Rodal, social studies teacher, wanted a "Show What You Know" tool so that students understand the process of resolving conflicts through conversation in an organized manner.

Many video tutorials exist for the Toontastic App

However, presenting a video to students may be too long or not personal.  I created a presentation using one of the 24 unique Google Slide templates from Slides Carnival.

Presentation Link

In year two of this project and in the flex mod, students will be introduced to the idea in Lab 1 (60 minutes) on Monday.  Students will receive the printed words from the picture at the top of this blog along with a Toontastic Storyboard which was created in Google Docs and with Google Draw.  On Tuesday during small group (30 minutes) students will view the presentation on how the app works.  On Wednesday in Lab 2 (60 minutes) students will complete the Toontastic project and export the final movie to Google Drive and share it with their instructor using Canvas.

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