Monday, March 9, 2015

Facilitate Classroom Discussion Using LetsGeddit and Google Forms

***Received email today (3-14-15) that Lets Geddit is shutting down July 1.  Unfortunate, because it is (was) a great classroom tool.

Let's Geddit

The feature of Geddit that may attract teachers to it is the "confidence" feature.  After students answer the question(s), students must rank their level of confidence in answering the question.

Students will use the Geddit App on an iPad or iPhone, while teachers will use Let's Geddit.
View set up and interaction from the teacher's perspective and the student's perspective in the same tutorial.

Teacher and co founder of Geddit, Justin Mann, explains how it works:

Setting Up A Teacher Account, Student Interaction, & Data Analysis

Google Forms

Creating questions prior to class or during class as the content progresses is a tremendous way for analyzing understanding.
Certain features of Geddit do not exist in Google Forms with such ease, such as conversations with the students.

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