Saturday, January 24, 2015

Explain Everything For Read Aloud Book - To Kill A Mockingbird

A number of months ago, Mrs. Deprey, one of our English teachers, was expressing her frustrations with the recorded reading that was given to her of the book, "To Kill a Mockingbird".  The slowness of the reader and lack of voice inflection, was enough to put her students in a state of uninterested!

I suggested to her to use Explain Everything because I knew PDFs could be imported, annotation of the screen was easy, and audio recordings all could happen with efficiency.

We found "To Kill a Mockingbird" in PDF format. As great as Explain Everything is it placed each page of the pdf onto different "slides".

Each chapter was recorded separately in Explain Everything due to organization and size of file.  Due to the fact that some of the readers in this class are struggling readers, Mrs. Deprey used the "highlighter" to help with following the words while reading.

The great thing with Explain Everything is that rerecording is so easy.  If the teacher incorrectly recorded a portion, the timeline was shown and was simply recorded again.

I'm so impressed with the entire site that has been created for the book.

Combining vocabulary, readings with Explain Everything, and Kahoot follow up activities, has improved the enjoyment and engagement of the students tremendously according to Mrs. Deprey.

As you will see from Chapter 1's reading, the speed is easy to follow.  Mrs. Deprey has stated that she has cut the reading time down 2/3 of what it was previously.  

Better engagement, Better enjoyment, in two-thirds the time.

The innovation! That's Explain Everything.

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