Thursday, November 13, 2014

PicCollage and PicPlayPost iPad App For Present Progressive Tense In Spanish

Ms. Slusarek and Mr. Vanseth created an amazing app smash with the PicCollage app and the PicPlayPost app.  These teachers are doing some amazing things with iPad apps and thinking outside the traditional educational box.  Students are empowering their creative minds with the integration of a technology tool!

As Ms. Slusarek states,
"Our learning objective is for the students to distinguish between the regular present tense and the present progressive verb tense. 

To do this we are "app smashing" PicPlayPost and Pic Collage! We wanted to add text to our picture and video, but PPP doesn't include this feature. So we are using Pic Collage to add text to a picture and then combining the pic with text to the video and framing at PPP offers!" 

The directions are below.

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