Wednesday, September 24, 2014

iPhone Photos to Google Plus Album to Google Site

The workflow for getting a slide show from an iPhone to a Google Site might be easier, but this is the process that our AP Biology teacher and I came up with.  The bottom line is that she wants to showcase many things they are doing in the class.  A Google Plus slideshow is the easiest way to embed this in a Google Site.

The workflow is below...

Google Site, Edit, Insert Google Plus Photo Album, Choose Album, Extra Large, Center the Google + Photo Album, Save

1.  Take photos with iPhone
2.  Google + Home
3.  Photos
4.  Click all photos
5.  Blue arrow on top left
6.  Blue Arrow
7.  Green Share button
8.  Google + on computer
9.  Photos
10.  Click arrow of pictures
11.  Move
12.  Choose album
13.  Should be in Google Site


VIEW THE SITE with slideshow
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