Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Top 5 Bottom 3 Picture Apps

I like these apps because it provides a way to culminate a unit or brainstorm ideas.  Students can also take pictures of their work completed on paper or in other learning atmospheres and develop them into beautiful visually appealing creations.  These apps can also be used to get people's attention.  They are eye catchers!

TOP 5 Picture Apps
1. PicCollage Probably my favorite because it was the first one that I used.

  • Text, Clip Art & Photos
  • Free, but in app purchases available
  • Rearrange & Enlarge or Shrink Objects
  • Access photos directly from the web

2.  Phoster Absolutely beautiful final poster products

  • $1.99 (worth it) 
  • Single Photos
  • Pictures
  • Great adjustments to pictures

3.  Over HD Amazing Fonts Create Stunning Images

  • Place word or phrase OVER a picture
  • Simple to use
  • Great amount of fonts
  • $1.99 (worth it)

4.  TurboCollage

  • Free
  • Five layout options provide for unique creations

5.  CollageIT

  • Free, but with many in app purchases
  • Add up to nine pictures at a time

Bottom 3 Picture Apps
3.  PhotoMess

  • Similar to PicCollage 
  • Free, but limited
  • In App purchases provide more options

2.  Pictify Take one picture and break it into parts

  • Free
  • Borders of original picture break up picture
  • Only one picture can be used

1.  Layout  Places pictures into sections

  • $1.99 not worth the crashes
  • Only 3 picture adds at a time

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