Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MadPad Hd Perfect Tool For Math Review

I have been looking for reason to use MadPad Hd in our school.  Sure, it's fun, quirky, and creative, but how can I apply it to education?

I decided that to review the concepts students would create a one minute video describing specific math terms from our "factoring quadratics" unit.  Terms that needed to be included were...
  • root
  • vertex
  • factor
  • symmetry
  • Zero Product Property
  • generic rectangle
  • Quadratic Formula
  • Standard For for Quadratics
  • Radical-Square Roots
MadPad Hd allows for the creation of twelve 5 second clips.  Students would use nine of the recordings for the math concepts above.  They needed to create legible written explanations (specific examples encouraged) with the term at the top of the explanation.  Three of the remaining twelve recordings can be for whatever they want.  Creativity is a must!  To finalize each of the twelve recordings, the students needed to think of one word to speak or one sound to record to associate with the term.

As one student stated:

...and one student demonstrated:

...the time could not have been better spent.  Students loved using the app because it was a unique tech tool that provided a new experience with "old" concepts.

New tech tool review concepts...

A student demonstrating how to record a clip...

A student's recording...

Who knew reviewing for math concepts could be so much fun...

This lesson typifies my year.  I have concepts that I need students to experience.  Use a tool to get the engagement, thinking, questioning, and creativeness fibers in students' bodies moving.  This was not only engaging for the student, it was wonderful to hear questions asked be students about the concepts as they were creating.

OUCH!  Could I never go back to a review where students complete 30 problems in silence.  Lord, I apologize for thinking that 30 problems in silence was a great way for students to review.  Nevertheless, that was then (10 years ago) and this now.  Let the creative fun begin!

Day 2 Brought This

Some Final Products From Students
Students uploaded their final products to DropBox...EASY!!!

Student 1
Student 2
Student 3

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