Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Twitter - Reflections of First Time Classroom Use

Our students completed a week long Problem-Based Learning experience in which they lived one full month as an adult.  Twitter was used as a real time reflection piece to express excitements, disappointments, failures, and successes.  They were required to complete a minimum of six tweets during the week.

➔ I use it in my own personal learning, want students to experience it!

 Great real time writing!

Instant viewing by all students and teachers!

Makes writing concise (140 characters)

 Time stamp to know exactly when it was written

 Beautiful on the iPad2

 Students can follow and respond to other students

➔ All three teachers were able to use the same twitter account at one time!


➔ Twitter continues to "suggest who to follow" and some of the suggestions are not positive for students. We discussed how this is a professional conversation, and you (the student) will be associated with the people that you follow. This must have worked as not many students wanted to follow famous people. I had one student ask if following the president of the United States would be o.k.
➔ It truly is open to the world. Not sure I am ready for that with students.

➔ Didn't really allow students to open up their twitter feed to outside sources.

➔ I would have liked if every student would have taken the opportunity to complete in depth reflection. "Got a house" is not what we were looking for.  

Exceptional tweets are below.

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