Monday, November 7, 2011

Tactillis App For Assessment

Students are completing algebraic equations with variables on both sides.  They are also experiencing equations with no solution.  In an attempt to see some daily work in an easy, readable format, I am having the students solve four problems using the Tactilis app.  They will need to create steps of the mathematical process in different colors, which the Tactilis app provides.

Students published the work to their blog.  Upon completion, I will be commenting on their blogs for each problem.

Students becoming much more familiar with the app, which speeds up the process.  I do think this app has a place in my tech toolbox for evaluation.

After students completed their work, they were instructed to place the work on their blog.  I will be reviewing their work on their blog and leaving comments.  Since this skill directly relates to one of our mathematical benchmarks, I will be placing one single point or check in the grade book if the student demonstrates the proper steps for solving an algebraic equation that has one solution or no solutions.

I think this moves toward standards based grading, and I like the fact that students will get feedback prior to the quiz and it is not a homework assignment.
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