Monday, March 28, 2011

Equipment: Apps List

Maybe this book will help? Get Book

Creating List of Apps For Purchase ($250 limit - consider VPP)I believe this app list will be changing until the absolute last day before needing them deployed on the machines for the start of the school year. In my estimation about eight paid apps averaging $0.99 per app for 30 machines will take the entire $250 budget. Of course, if an app is more than
$0.99 than a smaller amount of apps will be able to be purchased. $250 really doesn't go that far
when the VPP takes affect. I do understand the reason for the VPP as apps are not created for
free. Managing the $250 for paid apps I believe will be the most challenging part of the 1:1 year.

BY NO MEANS is this a FINALIZED list, but I will be adding to it as I find apps that may be of use in my classroom. It is really going to be difficult to pair this down. I do believe that I will develop a rubric to determine the overall ranking of the apps before purchase.
3. Penultimate I really like the ability to write with finger - great for math processing
4. PaperHelper $0.99
5. iSwifter (might be able to use free version)
6. Mathination Unsure if this will be too much math help for students
7. GraphCalc My favorite, A MUST!
8. eClicker Cost efficient!
9. WolframAlpha Algebra Assistant A Great tool, not sure something students need
10. CNN
11. Marquee Great for quick responses by students - show to instructor
12. Reel Director
13. QuickCam
14. Mathboard - Excellent for basic math computational skills
15. Math Drills
16. Animation Creation
17. iAnnotate PDF since our textbook is going to be in PDF, maybe this will be needed
18. Doceri - Possibility

2. Zite Students will be compiling their own math and economics news
6. Dictionary & Merriam-Webster Dictionary
14. Newsy
15. Mindblowing-Mind Map
16. iLunaScape - Alternative To Safari
17. Terra - Web Browser with tabs, Full Screen and Offline Viewing
18. Calculator For iPad Free
22. Bing
23. Terra - web browser: tabs, Incognito Mode, ability to be Mobile Safari, IE, or Firefox
24. Tour Wrist - virtual field trips
25. Snag Films - free, full length documentaries
26. Groupboard - single click collaborative tool
27. Whiteboard Lite - collaborative work tool
28. White House - live updates of news from our capital
29. The Street - Wall Street Stocks
30. Videolicious - free video editing
31. Rock Melt - Web Browser For iPad
32. Super 8 - old fashioned movies - bought when it was free on 5-19-2011
33. Merriam-Webster Dictionary iPad App Review
34. iChromy Web search for iPad
35. Dragon Dictionary
36. QuickVoice Recorder
37. Reuters Insider iPad Edition
38. for iPad
39. Financial Times iPad Edition
40. USA Today
41. XE Currency for iPad
42. Fox News
43. Business Day
45. Fotobabble -


Please leave a comment if have an app that should be on a classroom set of iPads.
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