Monday, March 28, 2011

Equipment: Cases

Items I am considering for cases must be practical and yet cool looking.  Having iPod touches for two years has allowed me to see that clear, hard cases that encompass the entire iPod has kept the iPods in fairly new condition.  It is with this that I am unsure if the Apple iPad 2 cases, while VERY COOL looking may NOT withstand the use of eighth graders.

With that, I am looking at four cases as of now.
PLEASE leave a comment if you have any thoughts or ideas that could help make the decision!

Another Update - Possibility
I know this seems like it is carrying on, but the options keep showing up.  I need to make a decision.
Positives:  Black and Red (school colors), Front and Back Protection, Two different stands, leather, cost ($34.99)
Cons:  None
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The beautiful thing about creating a program from scratch is that new ideas develop over time.  This is the case (no pun intended) with new possible case option.  It combines color (cool factor rising) with the Apple iPad case and protection on the back side!!!

Positives:  Protective and slim fitting case. colors, front stays closed with micro-suction, cover folds into stand
Cons:  Little bit more expensive
Cost:  $49.95
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Case 1-Apple
Positives:  Good front protection, cool colors, allows for creation of stand.
Cons: No back protection
Cost:  $39.99
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Case 2-Macally

Positives:  Great back protection, cool color (our school color), hard back
Cons:  No front protection, No chance for creation of stand using cover
Cost: $29.99
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Case 3-Armour
Positives:  Back protection, front protection, able to create a stand
Cons:  Must choose black as white would not be great for greasy, dirty, fingers
Cost: Can't Determine At This Time
See Details

Case 4-Gelli

Positives:  Back protection, somewhat sticky (no sliding on desks), pink (could be a form of red), thin
Cons:  No front protection, no chance to create stand
Cost:  36.95

PLEASE leave a comment if you have any thoughts or ideas that could help make the decision!
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