Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bekah Vought, Indiana Hoosiers, Talks About Social Media Effectiveness

Our marketing students conducted an interview with Bekah Vought, social media assistant at Indiana University.  In the interview, Ms. Vought talked about her humble beginnings, journey to IU and some of the things that make social media effective for Indiana University.

ULTIMATELY, students are getting an expert's insight from someone outside of our school!
  • Grew up in a small town in northern Wisconsin.
  • Loves Sports
  • Loves communicating with people
  • Volunteered at Oregon State University in social media
  • IU has a great set up: virtual reality studio, podcast studio, photo studio
  • IU sets up GIF shoots for teams
  • Videos for each teams
  • Her job is putting all of those "created content" for teams and the university together in strategic ways on social media.
  • Experts on her team focus on different mediums: Instagram expert, Snapchat expert, Twitter expert, etc. (This helped our students realize that they could utilize their team in different ways)
  • Features such as "Hoosier Bedtime Stories" create content by sharing more details of student-athletes and coaches
  • Twitter is used as a resource, and answering questions for fans is important. (We continue to stress that social media is about relationships.)
  • EVERGREEN: social media posts need to be timeless and from the group's perspective not the individual perspective - See below for a detailed explanation

Overall, Ms. Vought gave great insight into what an effective social media team does on a daily basis.  

You can learn more about Ms. Vought in another interview with Taylor Siebert of Class Intercom.

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