Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Workflow - Undisputed iOS Production King

I've blogged about Workflow before, but until Apple made it free last week, I didn't really feel it was a tool that others would pay $2.99 for.  Why?  Because it takes a little bit to understand it.

Basics Repeated input actions on your iPhone or iPad create desired output actions.

Since it is now free, I encourage educators to look at it and discover ways to utilize it in their personal or professional life.

Download Workflow: Powerful Automation Made Simple

Read "How to use Workflow" and the Sub Reddit

View How Workflow Helped Me in School and the Final Product

Watch How to Download A YouTube video - Mr. Foutty, teacher, has an incredible amount of videos describing how he uses Workflow in education. Search for his Workflow videos on Vimeo.

Collect Workflow Gallery [Get Ideas] Like Recording Audio to The Camera Roll

Use This: Send Individual Message to Group without Group Knowing Other Members

Learn The Basics

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