Tuesday, November 22, 2016

iPad Challenges and Solutions We Experienced and Solved

Implementing 2,000 iPads within a two week period into our district has been organized and successful!  However, we have experienced a recurring theme of four challenges that we solve in minutes.  I wanted to share the workflow for staff and students in today's Lunch N' Learn to reduce down time by our students.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Connecting to the WiFi (Slide 2)
  • Email Set Up (Slide 18)
  • Printing From An iPad (Slide 23)
  • Self Service App Not Working (Slide 43)

I created the screenshots via an iPad and created the presentation in Keynote.  I exported the Keynote from the iPad to Google Drive in various formats.

I've stated before that Keynote is a great presentation tool while demonstrating workflow on the iPad. I use AirServer and with that I am able to quickly jump back and forth from the Keynote presentation to demonstrations on the iPad
Download the Keynote

Some people may not have Keynote to view the presentation.  Through my iPad, I exported the Keynote as a PDF into Google Drive.  I then made the settings "anyone with a link can view"
View in PDF

Finally, I wanted the visual on my blog, so I exported the Keynote as a Powerpoint via my iPad and uploaded that file to Google Drive where it converted.  View that below.

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