Saturday, April 9, 2016

Lead Now! Concordia University Wisconsin

Last evening I was blessed to listen to five leaders who spoke to differing degrees on leadership.

I was joined by my great friend, Gary "Woody" Vought Executive Director at Camp Luther, Three Lakes, Wisconsin.  I truly appreciate our friendship as he is a leader in an organization that is different than education.

I was able to record the audio of some of the speeches.  Forgive me for the quality of some of them.  I originally wasn't going to record them, but decided that the speeches were going to have too much positive content not to record!
Some major takeaways that pertain to me as a leader of technology integration and innovative design in teaching adults and students:
  • Jesus Christ Is THE Leader - Jesus is the ultimate servant showing all who are willing to follow the exact way to lead.
  • Plow Horse vs. Show Pony - a plow horse is a worker.  Do what needs to be done even when no other person wants to do it.  Plow horses don't show up on the cover of magazines.  They do the work and get back to the barn ready for another day!
  • Three Questions For Every Group, Project, Product - What's essential? What's important? What's just there? Can every item or action be categorized into either one of these questions?  Yes and No.  It's great discussion among those involved to compartmentalize items to effectively create products.
  • Long Haul Leadership - Maintain a sense of identity away from the job! Prioritize the career. "What's a leader's legacy?" The final words should be, "I was a great dad!"
  • Can't Take Every Problem Personally - enough said
  • Days Are Long, But Years go By Fast - before you know it, your career will be over!
  • The Journey Is The Answer
  • Level 5 Leadership
  • Leaders Never Lose the ability to laugh at oneself!
  • Leadership or Followership - Leadership is more about who is actually following you!
  • Culture Eats Mission For Breakfast - the mission of an organization is great, however, a positive or negative culture (the way we do things) will engulf the mission in a positive or negative manner, quickly
As a "Technology Integration Specialist" I am a Leader.  Teachers needs to be leaders.  Leaders of school districts need to be leaders.  Students need to be leaders.

We are all leaders.

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