Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Innovation Ideas Opportunity For AP Students

Everyone associated with high school AP (Advanced Placement) classes knows that "after the test" can be a challenging time to engage and empower student to continue to learn.  This year, through the original creation of Ms. Slusarek, I adapted the Genius Hour she created for her Spanish I students to Innovation Ideas that any content teacher could use.  Ms. Slusarek had one student in particular create an amazing project.  She is a French V student who took Spanish in her senior year.  She wanted to know more about a topic and did an incredible job of presenting per product.

Mr. Martinson, AP Stats, and Mrs. Krause, AP European History, spent one hour apiece with me understanding, learning, and designing what a two to four week "Innovation Ideas" learning opportunity looks in their classes.  We really want students to find their passion relating to a concept or two that was learned during the year.

Students will need to

  • Find passion utilizing tools such as the "Passion Bracket"
  • Devise a question that will help them create a product
  • Create a "Shark Tank" pitch for peers with constructive feedback
  • Develop several quality steps to accomplish the learning
  • Create a final presentation of concepts learned and problems solved
  • Reflect on Epic Fails and Epic Successes
For those teachers who have seniors and a smaller time frame, we will utilize a Canvas assignment for uploading of the presentation slides along with an audio recording of their final presentation.  If seniors want to video tape a presentation they can do that as well.


All of the resources can be "copied" by clicking "File" then "Make A Copy".  They can be customized to the teacher's content.

From a technology stand point, we are focusing on "creativity" and "communication".  As educators, we are asking students to complete tasks and reflect on the process.  We will do that as educators as well with the entire process.

UPDATE: Students presented their "Shark Tank Pitch" and received feedback from students.

UPDATE: Students working through part 3.  The Process!

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