Sunday, April 10, 2016

I Finally Bought It!

I finally bought it!

You know, my first domain name.

I've been talking about it for years.  I've even told other people it's a great idea.  We had a Lunch N' Learn in 2013 to inform staff about how to positively brand yourself online.  I've provided students with three digital artifacts that they should have prior to leaving high school.  One of those things being a positive professional website.

If I'm being honest, I first wrote a blog post at in 2008.  I was tentative in posting my name as I really wasn't sure if I wanted or if it was safe to be placing my name and image all over the place.  In 2007, I actually signed up for Twitter using my real name, but automatic, unwanted computer bots were retweeting and following using all Twitter user names.  It was unnerving at a time when the WWW was really not fully understood.  I deleted my "real name" Twitter account.  In November 2009, I came up with an idea to use RecessDuty and didn't put my picture in my profile.  I accumulated Twitter followers, without my real name.  I even experienced in 2014 being at a conference where I tweeted something.  The man two seats away from me looked back at his friend and said, "Hey, RecessDuty is here!" I cautiously looked at him and said, "I know...I'm him!"

In 2010, I started videoing every activity that we used the iPads for while teaching 8th grade students.  I never video taped me.  It was always about the students and the innovative, educational practices we utilized in everyday lessons.

I've presented in so many places, but for some reason, I was uncomfortable putting my face on the web.

It started to change this year.  I'm not sure why, but it hit me.  You've been telling everyone to "write their story, yet you aren't writing your own story."

I was impressed and encouraged along the way by people such as Tony Vincent,  Kelly Croy, Andy Losik, George Couros, and many others. I decided to use to buy my domain I am so glad I did.   Customer service has been great.  The personal dashboard has been easy to use.

I'll encourage you (educators, students, leaders), if you haven't done so already get yourself a domain name and write your story!  Every educator should write their own story and positively portray themselves online.  You're doing great things in your classroom. Tell people about it!

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