Monday, November 24, 2014

Midwest Google Summit Discoveries Shared At Lunch N' Learn

Google Similar Pages Chrome Extension
Perfect tool for use during research!

4C's Above SAMR

Designing educational experiences that focus on collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity is easier to understand than following SAMR, substitution, augmentation, modification, and redefinition.  (Discussed in L N' L on 11-5-13)  SAMR focuses solely on technology tools, while the four c's focus on instructional design of a lesson with technology seamlessly integrated.  The keynote, Mark Garrison, also completed a great session on Google Apps 45.

Google Communities
An incredible set up communities for professional development.  We'll search for communities that you might be interested.  Same content, same co-curricular activity, same interests!

Google Hangouts in Education
A tremendous tool for connecting with professionals and experts outside of our school. Use these for
  • Professional Development
  • Book Talks
  • Academic Learning
  • Lessons To Life
  • Connecting Classroom
Jen Zurawski, West DePere, presented many great features/uses/tools from Google.

View all of the Midwest Google Summit Resources
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