Sunday, May 11, 2014

Me and My edCampMKE 2014

Milwaukee: Home of the Brewers, Bucks, B__r (family friendly blog), and a great edCamp.

Saturday found four teachers from Pulaski attending a very well run edCamp.  I attended three group learning sessions and one individual learning session.

Prior to the edCamp Milwaukee beginning, connecting and reconnecting with extraordinary educators is the name of the game.  I talked with people I knew
@g5changeagent21 @MrsGeeLMS  @amyuelmen


and people I had never met before.

These people were just some of the people added to my PLN.  

Before an edCamp starts, sessions of learning need to be suggested.  A 2014 schedule needs to be built! I suggested "This Works For Me!" A #friendlysmackdown among technology integrators and tech coaches as to what awesome strategies are used to move the first year or 35th year teacher forward in effeciently integrating technology in the classroom.

My Session 1: Curriculum Development - Move Over Businesses
My #MVP - Most Valuable Point
The content you create on school time and or with school equipment is the property of the school district.

My Session 2: "This Works For Me!" Tech Integrators Friendly Smackdown
My #MVP - Most Valuable Point
I want to create professional development through a Google Hangout at least twice during the summer!  I would also like to have Patio PD, a time where educators travel to someone's house to to enjoy burgers and dogs while the sun is setting and a fire pit is stirring.  Throw in new tech tools for engaging learning and teachers walk away with a new sense of energy and enthusiasm for learning!
The Smackdowns Idea Wall

My Session 3:  Google Apps - Streamline Workflow
My #MVP - Most Valuable Point
I really liked the Google Scrips that these two teachers created to improve classroom management.  I am going to share "Big Brother" with our staff at the beginning of next year as a way to manage student assignments.  The color coding and multiple sheets of data can help with student accountability.

My Session 4:  Individual Learning Opportunity
My #MVP - Most Valuable Point
During my session 2, I met Tim Morten, tech integrator in the Sun Prairie School District.  Session 2 created a positive experience for him as he wears many hats in his district.  I really enjoyed talking with him and discovered that he could use my Top Tech Tool infographic.  Once I shared that with him, he shared a Google form that he is using when designing lessons with teachers.  He made the Google form create a Google Document that is complete with information that allows for easy understanding of the lesson and its objectives.  (I will let Tim share it out when he is ready)  I will use it as it is awesome!

edCampMKE was a fantastic day of learning for me!  I loved learning something new and immersing myself with powerful educators who are chaning the world!

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