Thursday, February 6, 2014

Connecting With Canada

 Our high school!
Our Desired Destination!
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Yesterday, our High School Human Geography teacher stated to me, "I'm standing in front of my class talking about the regions of Canada, and it hit me...Why don't I (Google) Hangout with a school district from those regions and get a true insight of what it's like to live there?"

Boom.  Idea!

Since we are 2,414 miles from the Northwest Territory and 2,184 miles to Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL, Canada, traveling there is unrealistic.  Enter Google Hangouts!  Our school Human Geography teacher would like to "Google Hangout" with a school district in every region of Canada.  

Possible? Hope So!  

Still Not Sure?  View the introduction from our students!

Please complete this form if your school would be willing to share culture and traditions about your Provincial Region of Canada in a "Google Hangout".

The Google Hangout would take place the week of February 17-21.

We are getting some options!
Using Twitter: 

Two Potential Connections?
Could You Help?
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