Monday, January 20, 2014

Parent Guide To Navigating Social Media

Our middle school counselors, Mrs. Gerth and Mrs. Wagner, asked me to create a presentation to help parents understand some of the social media tools their son/daughter may be using.
  • Shared a riveting social media video
  • Provided ten social media tools and some information about them
  • Provided five "Action Items" they should incorporate immediately with their children
    • Create accounts together
    • Model Appropriate Posting Behavior
    • Insist On Their Account Information
    • Discuss Ideal Information Released
    • Search Names, Search Friend's Names
  • Shared Cell Phone Contract
  • Shared THINK Poster
  • Provided Survival Kit that creates conversations about social media

Impact On Students:
Citizenship:  Students and parents need to be aware of the positive and negative affects of their actions using social media.
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