Tuesday, November 12, 2013

iOS 7 For Pulaski Educators and Students

We have now updated our school district iThings to iOS 7.  What does that mean for you (T-Teachers) and your students (S-Students)?  There are many new features that you should know about!
  • Slide To Unlock (T & S): finger to the right if passcode is on
  • Camera (T & S): shoot in burst mode with volume up button
  • Multitasking (T & S): 
    • Double Click Home Button>quit multiple apps with swipes of as many fingers as you can
  • Control Panel (T & S): quick calculator, flashlight (only iPhones)
  • Apps (T & S): swipe backwards
  • Location Services (T): 
    • Settings>Privacy>Location Services>System Services>Frequent Locations
  • Messages (T): See the time stamp on SMS, MMS, or iMessage by swiping left
  • Accessibility Settings (T & S): Settings>General>Accessibility
  • Sounds (T & S): Settings>Sounds>Sounds and Vibrations
  • Siri (T): Hold down Home button and say, "Read my emails"
  • App Folders (T & S): No limit to number of apps in a folder
  • Apps Background Refresh (T & S): Settings>General>Background App Refresh
  • Apps Automatic Updates (T & S): Settings>iTunes  & App Store

  • AirServer (T & S): Swipe up>AirPlay
  • Spotlight Search (T & S): Swipe Down
  • Photos (T & S): Collections>Years>Months>Day
  • Photos (T & S): Edit-Upper Right, Share-Lower Left, Delete-Lower Right

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