Friday, December 7, 2012

If You're Absent From Your Classroom, Consider...

Being a teacher has many unique aspects none greater than providing directions for a substitute teacher.  Whether it is an all day sub or for just one hour, providing a short video to make it as if a teacher is present in the classroom, continues learning despite the circumstances.

There are two ways that video can be utilized.
Yesterday, Mrs. Stainton traveled on a field trip with some students from one of her classes on a field trip.  However, some of her students from a different class were still in the classroom.  Her efforts allowed the continuation of learning through an explanation of the lab that the students were about to experience.  The video was uploaded to YouTube, because YouTube provides a platform that can be played across multiple devices.

She used the SMART video recorder.

After it was uploaded, the YouTube link was shared with the in-house substitute teachers through email.  The substitute teacher appreciated the ease of use, because they played the video to the students.  After watching, the students proceeded to complete the lab experiment.

While this does require some additional prep on behalf of the teacher, it truly provides seamless learning atmospheres within the classroom despite the lack of physical presence by the classroom teacher.
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