Thursday, November 15, 2012

Teacher Progression of Implementing Technology

Modeling implementation of technology came full circle yesterday with the teacher that I taught the tech to now teaching her students.

Let me explain.

On October 31, our science teacher wanted to use iMovie and Skitch with two classes to demonstrate the transfer of matter.  She had never used either tool, but believed the use of these tech tools helped engage and solidify the concepts.  She believed that they helped so much that she wanted to implement the tools with other classes that she taught.

The great thing is that during yesterday's implementations, SHE DIDN'T NEED ME!  She felt confident from using the tools in other settings to simply not need any support.  She spent about seven minutes showing some features of iMovie and then let the students discover how they were going to use the app.  She also used the assistance by a student who had used iMovie!


I really feel that our district is teaching teachers in the correct manner.  Providing guided assistance so that they teachers become SPARKS to future teaching and learning!

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