Thursday, January 12, 2012

Teaching Tech Tool Tips To Teachers Today!

Yes!  That's a a great use of the T!

Today, we are starting our 10 minute teaching of tech tools to teachers.  This was an idea I had for improving the amount of technology knowledge that our teachers have.  Every week or every other week we have a grade level meeting during school!  During this time, I will be teaching a tech tip.  Some tips will be teacher directed and some will be student directed.  It is purely optional for teachers, but I hope that they find these valuable and want to stay!

I Get It!  This is not new! It is, however, new to our teachers.  I am thankful that our leadership team has allowed me to do this.

Really not sure how many episodes there will be.  Don't really care! One episode of learning is better than none.

So without further ramblings, "Episode 1-Gmail Filters"

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