Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Draw Venn for iPad

In every classroom setting, I always start with the educational content that students need to discover and build tech tools around that.  At 8:00 am yesterday, I knew we were going to discuss the two different major armies in the American Revolutionary War.  With that came us describing each advantage that the armies had while fighting.  This led to some differences that they had as well.

This brought me to the thought that a Venn Diagram would the perfect tool.  Prior to iPads, I would have had students draw two big circles on their papers.  Black and White with some Blue horizontal lines running through them.  This would get the job done, but really allows for little creativity.  It also allows for students to hide in their notebook.

As always, there must be an app for that!  This brings me to Draw Venn for iPad.  A well designed app that is visually appealing.  I found it by simply searching with Google: "Venn Diagram iTunes App"  Whenever I use iTunes app it simply searches the links from iTunes and usually nets plenty of choices!

When introducing an app for the first time, I show VERY minimal features of the app.  Simple navigation is the only features shown.  Below are the quick items I displayed for students!

Initial Explanation of App

The Features That Create The Circles

Changing Fonts and Colors of Text

Color of Venn Diagrams Matter

Creating Picture as Watermark Background on Venn Diagram

Saving A Document
Saves venn diagrams directly in the app!  No Cloud Needed.  This allows for multiple users on the device to be able individually have a creation without disrupting another's work!  Big Bonus!

We will be posting these creations to our students' professional blogs.
Overall, this app rocks and could be used for MANY curricular areas.  Always a bonus when spending money!
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