Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gmail Filter

Today, in our Wall Street 2 Wisconsin class, we viewed all of the E*Trade Baby Commercials to see just how easy they make it seem when investing stocks.

We also reviewed the "fine print" that E*Trade puts down about

No Bank Guarantee
Money May Lose Value

After this, I wanted students to send an email with thoughts as to whether they could invest their own money in real life.  In order to have all of their emails skip my inbox, I created a filter in Gmail.

Written Directions


Small change:
New way to access the settings is to click the gear button and get to settings.

Students Using Email
Be sure to tell the students the exact criteria that you are going to use.  They will need to include this in their email.  I chose to use the SUBJECT: option and told students that E*Trade Response must be in the subject.

The process worked beautifully as I received 20 emails in my designated folder from students.

Easy to grade and sorted!
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