Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Padlet Used For Presentations and Discussion

Padlet is not a new tool, however, I utilized it as a new tool to present.  I did not have any formal "presentation", instead I utilized the wall feature of Padlet to create options for session two teachers of my Resonate: Making Better Presentations.  Session One was all about emphasizing visual and delivery of presentations.  After learning about these keys, teachers spent one month creating and revising better presentations.

Session Two was about choice, sharing an old presentation, sharing a new presentation, and then providing words of wisdom.  The first three choice columns contained resources that were text, video, and images.  Teachers liked and/or commented on the resource.  Teachers then uploaded images or complete presentations that were "bad" and then presentations that were "good".  They discussed the negatives and positives of each of their presentations.  Finally, teachers were able to provide "words of wisdom" for anyone making presentations based on what they learned in the two hour session.

Padlet allowed me to do all of that with it's collaborative features!  Link to Padlet
*Scroll right, left, up or down on the green Padlet below to view all content.
*Once class was over, I changed the permissions so that the Padlet was "read only".
Made with Padlet
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