Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lunch N' Learn: PODCASTS: Consuming To Creating and How to Get There

Because of a recent conversation with our AP Environmental Science teacher, I determined an iPad only workflow for consuming podcasts and creating content through a podcast.  Some may say that "we don't have time for that".  While time needs to managed appropriately, this is a great tool for reflection on content or passions that are present in the content area.  In addition, this could be a "quarter project" ideas as once the process is taught for the first time, students will be able to create the podcast(s) on their own and publish.

This really doesn't need to be an hour production.  Three to ten minutes with one or no guests can really spark creativity, thinking and discussion.

UPDATE: [June 2, 2017] Students really did a great job, and had fun doing it! They created unique "entry music" to their podcasts along with rich content.

Some of them can be found HERE.
All of them can be found HERE if the permissions are correct.

Listen to the Raider Strong Podcast.

Find a podcast using the podcast app found on iPads.

Listen to choices and learn

Create a podcast using Garage Band

Create art work for the podcast using the Canva app

Publish it using the "sharrow" to Soundcloud

Write a "show page"

Podcast Options For Classes:

  • Students create podcast(s) pertaining to content area studying in the classroom
  • Students develop a 20% topic.
  • Students after the AP exams can apply "what they have learned" throughout the year.

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