Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Post It Notes App and The Modeling That Brought Me To It

Yesterday, we had a meeting.  The meeting concluded with writing suggestions for moving forward on a Post-it Note.

This morning I received this image from our leader.

I like how Mrs. Uelmen modeled the use of an app!  It sparked my interest as to what and how to use the app.  Currently, the Editor's Pack of the app is free!  I like how the app captures only the note and not the surrounding parts of the picture.  I like how the creation of boards can be exported to almost everywhere via the sharrow on the iPhone/iPad.  I exported the note to Notability so that I could annotate the groupings of notes.

I see some potential in this app.  I also appreciate modeling of the app by a colleague.  It's always important to use the tools that know work.  Using instead of always preaching about tools is an effective way to motivate others to use the tools, much like it motivated me to investigate this app!
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