Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Swiping Right On An iPad/iPhone For Efficiency

Today, I'm handing out free tickets to our staff to inform them of the Lunch N' Learn topic: "Swiping Right On An iPad/iPhone For Efficiency".  Free Ticket Generator works on the iPad or on a computer!

I like using this type of stuff as it provides something different.  I received a great email from a teacher once she received the ticket at the door.

Swiping right on an iPad can provide efficient features for staff and students as they progress through getting to know their iPad.  I love creating with Keynote on Mac, AirDropping it to my iPad Mini, and then presenting to our staff.  However, to get the Keynote easily shared with staff, I export the Keynote on my Mac as a Powerpoint and upload it to Google Drive.  The presentation is below.
Slide Highlights:
  • Slide 3: Widget Defined
  • Slide 4: Each Bubble is a Widget
  • Slide 8: Bubbles Provide Options
  • Slide 11: iPhone View

Additional Resources:

View my Flipboard Magazine.
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