Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Sharrow

Today's lunch n' learn focused teachers attention on "The Sharrow".

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The Sharrow is iOS's gateway to collaboration and creativity.  Every app that has options to connect with other apps can easily make it happen by finding the sharrow.

We looked at how PDFs are going to be placed into the best digital note taking app, Notability and other productivity and creativity apps.  

We also reviewed the options for images including the positives and negatives of students having access to AirDrop.

Positives:  Collaborating on research with images, pdfs, and websites.  With the collaboration of items, students could then create their own "show what they know" item based on the research of many.

Negatives: We realize that students could snap pictures or share completed PDFs via AirDrop.  This will provide us great opportunity to discuss digital citizenship.

Remembering the "Sharrow" and it's many ways that it opens the door to productivity can enhance the educational experience.

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