Monday, May 16, 2016

2016 Goody Traithlon

As readers of iPaddiction know, the Goody Triathlon is ONE OF THE BEST things I do during a school year!  I am blessed to use my technology talents to create and update the website.  It's amazing that four years ago we completed everything through email and snail mail.  Now, every piece of communication is through the website, Google Forms, and images/video!

I'm also able to help capture the day's accomplishments through images.  In the past, images and video of race participants and mentors were taken on an iPad, dropped to iMovie (on the iPad), and uploaded to YouTube.  All of this needs to be done between 9:30 A.M. and 1:00 P.M.  Last year, rendering the video and uploading the video was almost not accomplished.  I also wanted to have more up close and personal "smile" pictures.  I changed tactics and tools slightly.  I used a Nikon D5300 camera on loan from our Art Teacher, Mr. Sperduto.  This had a 200 zoom lens on it which allowed me to get close enough to see smiles of accomplishment.

I removed the SD card from the camera and dropped the images into iMovie on the Mac.  I had all of the title pages, bumpers, transitions, and music set so that only the images needed to be "dropped in".  I also didn't render the movie and upload it to YouTube.  I simply "played the movie" in iMovie.  This saved me a GREAT deal of time!  As you can see, over 300 people were able to view smiles and accomplishments from the day BEFORE leaving!

The Goody Triathlon is an amazing accomplishment for the participants who overcome so much to complete a triathlon!  Thanks to the technology, I was able to capture the accomplishments!

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