Friday, February 12, 2016

Fantasy Geopolitics Draft Day

It all started with a Tweet by someone (can't remember) that touted Fantasy Geopolitics, the online game that includes everything from geography to current event articles to education gaming!  I looked into it and proposed it to Mrs. Brylski our Human Geography teacher.  We created a "teacher league" as a test run and realized right away that Fantasy Geopolitics was a legitimate contender for including during one of our units in social studies.

Set up was easy!  We created the league and acquired the "invite link".  We placed that link on Canvas, our LMS.  Students clicked on the link and entered our "code" for the league which required the students to create an account.  We used our school email address.  We had NO problems working on the iPad as you will see, but some students did open the "Fantasy Geopolitics" site "in Safari".
View a condensed version of the 35 minute learning experience.

To keep students interested in the three week game we will:

  • Create discussion questions in Canvas 
  • Require students to trade one country
  • Reflect on one current event article from one or more countries that they own
  • Create a reflection on the process one to two weeks into the game

The energy and enthusiasm by the students was evident.  We look forward to continuing the "gaming" of geopolitics.

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