Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Group Projects in the Flex Mod Schedule Using Thinglink

Our Civics teachers are formulating a plan to enable groups to gather information, interpreting of that information, and providing the information for other students enrolled in the course.

Prior to the flex mod schedule, students (about 280 of them) would be assigned the project, work in groups on consecutive days, and present those findings to  their classmates.  With the flex mod schedule (and unless a person is in it, it may not actually make sense) students are together on Monday in a lab, but the same group of students are NOT together until the following Monday.  Our workflow for this project provides an opportunity for students to complete the project outside of class via Google Documents and Canvas.  We have chosen Thinglink as our creation tool as it provides the same user experience on the iPad or on a computer.  Below is a tutorial to explain Thinglink.

While thinking through the project has required some time, we believe that the project has retained its integrity minus one element.  In the past, students have presented their information in person to their classmates.  We were unable to work that aspect into this particular project.  We will find another project to practice those skills.

Some forms that were used to facilitate the process.

Colonies to Constitution Timeline Project 2015 
  • Learning Target
  • Task
  • Directions
  • Content
  • Work Time Schedule
  • Reminders for Students
  • References (Websites Used)
  • Planning Common PLT (Personal Learning Times)
  • Sketch of Thinglink
  • Daily Participation Log
  • Evaluation
  • Suggested Resources
  • Some Guidance
  • Listing of Teachers
  • Listing of Class Meeting Day
  • Listing of Class Meeting Mod
Mr. Pirman and Mr. Nickerson Timeline (Only One Example
  • Student Thinglink final products
  • Order of Major Events
Some Examples of Student Work (they are in progress until November 9)
  • Scroll over the image to reveal additional information that students are discovering and sharing about the image.

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