Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Flex Mod Blended Learning Recording Tools and Options

Some teachers have requested technology tools that will aide in providing video resources pertaining specifically to content material.  These video recordings are ideally less than five minutes and will be viewed during student Personal Learning Time (PLT).  This is referred to as a Flipped Classroom.  Personally, I don't believe a complete flipped classroom is an idea that will work for the majority of content areas in a flex mod schedule. However, a blended classroom environment can be a perfect fit.  About two years ago, I taught a two day workshop on the Flipped Classroom Learning Experience.  Many of the resource from that will be helpful during this preparation phase.

Reasons for creating video resources for students:
  • Science - Demonstrate lab instructions for viewing prior to class
  • Math - Graphing calculator instructions for settings
  • English Language Arts - How to start a research paper
  • Social Studies - Project requirements
  • Foreign Language - Grammar rules
  • Physical Education - Game Rules and options for personal fitness time
  • FACS - Instructions for cooking/baking/prepping
  • Business - Spreadsheet formula set up
  • Agri-Science - Instructions for labs
  • All Subjects - answers and reflections
Tools For Recording Screens and Educators

Storing The Video

Google Drive

Everything YouTube

Organize YouTube Per Content

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