Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Gains From Not Attending ISTE 2014

I've always wanted to attend ISTE Conferences!  I never have due to a variety of reasons.  In the past, I've followed the conference via social network on a hit or miss basis.  However, this year, I focused on growing my Personal Learning Network (PLN) by viewing the #ISTE2014 Twitter stream.  I wanted to add new people that represented a variety of educational backgrounds.  From national speakers to elementary teachers and from Australia to my home state, Wisconsin I truly found amazing educational leaders that I didn't even know existed prior to this week!

And so I took this to heart!

Please view these ISTE Conference contributors through my Haiku Deck.  I took screen shots using my iPad, edited them through the camera roll, and then added them to my Haiku Deck.  Haiku Deck is an amazing simplistic, elegant presentation tool.  The most impressive part of Haiku Deck is that the user experience is the same whether it is on the iPad or on a Chromebook/computer!  Perfect for students who start content creation at school on a school technology device and complete it at home on a personal device!

While this is not an all inclusive list, these are great educators added to my PLN creating important gains for me without attending ISTE 2014!

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