Monday, June 2, 2014

How Do I Land My First Job #satchat

I was intrigued by May 31, 2014's #satchat not because I am searching for a new job, but because so many of the conversational pieces were thought provoking.   New teachers could become truly prepared for the expectations for the job of educator.  In addition, veteran teachers can become aware of trends in the educational world, put them into practice, and continue to positively redefine the educational learning environments.

Storify documents the entire discussion among educators on Twitter.  I decided to read through it and pull out the items I felt were thought provoking.  I used the iPad as it is so simple to screen shot (home button + on/off button) anything, edited in my camera roll, and used PicCollage to organize.
*Increase browser percentage or view full screen on computer or pinch to expand on iPad for best reading.

If you are not busy next Saturday morning, consider joining the incredible #satchat on Twitter that will connect you with brilliant educators and stretch you to think, question, and create!

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