Thursday, May 1, 2014

Personal Finance Smartphone Toolbox

Our economics teacher, Mr. Nickerson, wanted a cellphone resource for his students that would provide valuable tools while...

  • controlling expenses and managing money
  • shopping 
  • comparing auto insurance
  • comparing rental vs. buying properties
  • paying off debt and building wealth
  • comparing bank rates.
I decided that a single page Google Site would work the best.  I wanted to create the site so that when students are on their phones, they can see a tool, click on a link and immediately be taking to the app store of their choice.  I used Microsoft Publisher to create the uniformed icons.  Those icons take viewers to a web version of the resource!

To create the header, I used Explain Everything and exported the "saved slide image" to my Google Drive.  I downloaded that file from Google Drive and inserted into my Google Site.

I think it is looks great and will be a valuable tool for students (and adults) if they choose to use it. 

Please View or Click on the Image to view the entire site.

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