Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pulaski New Website: Fine Tune Settings

Our district site is new and running!  It's fantastic.  Some helpful hints below may help in making the transition easy and efficient for you!

View Clearing Browser History           Read Clearing Browser History

Once the browsing history is cleared, the home page for staff while logged into a school computer can be accessed by click the "home button".

The "Employee Intranet" is an internal portal with a collection of resources only available to a group of people.  Since it is restricted, you will need to use your Pulaski Google Account to view.

You can access this from any computer using: http://www.pulaskischools.org/intranet/  If you are not logged into a Pulaski Google Account, you will be prompted for your Pulaski credentials.  

Need to change your Pulaski profile?  
You may have noticed that you are not on the "Teacher's Websites"

Need to access school Gmail on your iPhone/iPad? View Directions
Need specific school alerts sent to your phone? View Directions
Do you still have information on your CMS4schools site that students need?  Please contact Ken at technology for details on how to view and send that information to your students.  You could also view these directions to understand what needs to be done before June 30.  Remember, you have until June 30.  After that, the information on CMS for schools will be no longer accessible.

Any other questions, please ask via email!

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