Friday, April 4, 2014

Modeling Google Hangout With An Educator

Mrs. Brylski, high school human geography teacher, wants to connect with a former student who is in Spain.  To help Mrs. Brylski, I sat next to her desk and walked through setting up her Google + account.  (This video up to 5:00 was helpful in learning how to do this) After this, I invited her to a Google Hangout, she invited me to a Google Hangout, and finally we completed one while recording while in the same room.  The recording allowed us to explain why we were using Google Hangouts and to truly experience it under a low pressure situation.

It was also a great time for me as a tech coach to record my first Google Hangout.  I know that I'm slightly behind in doing this, but now that it was successful, I'll continue.  I have also discovered that by default the recorded video is set to unlisted.  I changed it to public.

As much as possible, I like to model tech tools and the implementation of them with teachers.


View The Hangout

View The Hangout With The Alumni From Spain

Impact On Students:
Collaboration: Allowing former students and experts to join students "in their classroom virtually" can add insight into the content and questions that students may have.  Google Hangouts enables for collaboration with experts!
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