Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Learning On The Loo - Bi-Weekly Faculty Rest Room Reading Material

Providing continuous and relevant technology integration tools and information takes creativity.  Learning On The Loo was discovered on Twitter and has been issued (and by that I mean placed in strategic areas in faculty restrooms) since February 5, 2014.

I place new editions every two weeks on Wednesday.  I have decided to use Microsoft Publisher as it seemed to be the best tool for the job.  As you can see, the design has evolved.  I have even started to be concerned about "color schemes" by Googling it!  I have also posted a copy of each "Learning On The Loo" in our "Lunch N' Learn" area which has generated discussion as well.

Archiving each edition has occurred by uploading a PDF version into a shared Google Drive Folder.  The folder is shared with other Library Media Specialists throughout our district.

View the Folder!

So far, so good!

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