Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What's Your Clock? - Moving From Substitution To Augmentation

In the last month, our district has tripled the amount of devices present in departments throughout the high school.  Chromebooks and iPads are more accessible than ever.

With that our Lunch N' Learn topic is focusing teachers on how to move up on the SAMR model.  We discussed the SAMR model earlier in the year, but the lack of devices limited teacher's accessibility.

Now we have devices and are looking at restructuring the lessons to move up from Substitution to Augmentation.

The Lunch N' Learn Presentation:

Slide 2: The amount of devices available has tripled.
Slide 3:  Thinking about restructuring a lesson so that the time phrase is broken into four quarters can be a start.  Think about each of the "clocks" as the lesson and how it is perceived from a student and a teacher perspective.
Slide 4:  There are five clocks per class in each week.  Can you restructure one of the clocks (lessons) to incorporate.
Slide 5:  The first part of the lesson could be review from previous day/direct instruction/proposing driving question.  The second part could be students using the tech tool (Chromebooks or iPads) to investigate information to support the driving question, disprove information, add to information, cross check references, provide something unique to share with class.  The third part could be collaboration and discussion using a medium that allows for print, video, or audio input.  The fourth part could be creating the solution to the driving question or follow up direct instruction for finalization of the topic.  Don't forget the Top Tech Tools for choice by the student.
Slide 6: So many parts to a learning experience.
Slide 7: What's a clock that you created?  Bring it next week.

To follow up with this, an infographic was found that could help teacher support staff with "what to look for" while viewing lesson structures!

Get Infographic

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