Friday, February 28, 2014

Google Custom Maps and CNN Student News

Our seventh grade social studies teachers, Mrs. Kust and Mrs. Brittnacher, would like students to create a custom Google Map based on events discussed in CNN Student News episodes.

On a Chromebook, students will watch a CNN Student View episode, record in some way (digitally or on paper) the cities or countries that are featured, some details about the event, and place all of that information on a point on a map. Students can also share the map with their instructor similar to sharing any Google document.

Watch Tutorial

The instructor asked me to include specifics about the information that students should include in their summary of information for each point on the map. This occurs at 2:17 of video.  In addition, the teacher did not want the sharing option at the end as she did not want in email inbox to be flooded.  The sharing part has been removed from the end of the tutorial.

View Updated Video
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