Sunday, December 15, 2013

Haiku Deck On Web For Book Publication

I searched for a web tool that students could write a book about Canada and would, according to a middle school teacher,
  • Drag and drop pictures or easy to insert pictures from web or upload
  • Easy to add text
  • Embed on blogger
  • Log In with Gmail or easy to create an account
  • Chromebook or laptop/desktop
I tried Google Drive tools and couldn't get into the template gallery according to an error message.

I tried and it was a social site that I didn't think students needed to mess around with.

I tried and it was also a lengthy sign up process and constituted social networking.

The above products, while great in their own right, didn't meet most of the criteria that the teacher was looking for.

I decided to look at Haiku Deck for creating an online book.  We have used Haiku Deck for a number of other creation projects and I believe this tool will work for creating a book. View short book.

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