Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Essential Skeleton 2 iPad App For Anatomy

The Essential Skeleton 2 iPad app provides every student with a model skeleton that can be used to learn and master the bones and all their features.  Mr. Anderson believes this app is a great app especially in large classes.

Some benefits include of the app:
  • Seeing individual bones
  • Rotate bones 360 degrees
  • 3-Dimensional
  • Full model for each student (great for larger classes)
  • Mobile
  • Highlight individual bones
  • Identify and isolate an individual bone away from the full model
  • Annotation tools
  • Zoom In & Out 
  • Screen shot for Pic Collage and SMORE
  • Correct audio pronunciation
  • Multiple search options
  • Exporting options of annotated objects
  • Quick Reference to all skeleton parts
  • Quiz Set Up-multiple choice & free response

ITLS: Standard 3
The impact on the students...

  • Collaboration--N/A
  • Creativity--Combined with SMORE or Pic Collage provides for creative finished product of concepts learned
  • Critical Thinking--Quiz format for analyzing aspects
  • Citizenship--if documents are shares, students will understand that their creations are visible by the world.
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