Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Promoting Optional Technology Training For Teachers

A colleague in the education world, @helpreaders , is starting his schools version of Lunch N' Learn or Breakfast Bytes.  He wanted to know tips for making it successful.  Since we have conducted these over the school year and started year two, I thought I would outline successful strategies to include while conducting optional tech tool tip sessions.  We have Lunch N' Learn every Tuesday for high school teachers and Breakfast Bytes every other Thursday morning for middle school teachers.
  • Play music as teachers enter!  Make it as festive and non intimidating as possible!  Food a few times throughout the year.
  • Choose a topic to begin that they already have...Google is a great place to start!  Our topics from last year are located here.
  • Create something that you can send to teachers so they can follow up on their own.  Blog posts serve as a great tool for this.
  • Promote the crap out of it!  Send Google forms once in a awhile with choices of topics.  Most votes for a topic is the one that is discussed.  Plan ahead for this!
  • Personal face to face interaction with teachers inviting them is THE single best way to get people to attend.
  • Post, tweet, and brag about teachers who attend!
Of course videos like the one below are a great help as well.  This is our 2013-2014 promotional video for the middle school Breakfast Bytes.
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