Thursday, April 25, 2013

United States History Movement Creations

At the beginning of the week, our United States History students began a week long learning opportunity.
  • Learn about three specific movements in our United States History
  • Create a digital document that would explain it using Smore, Thinglink, or MentorMob
  • Evaluate peer creations
  • Develop a Credo to explain a movement or belief that students were motivated to support
Some fantastic creations were turned in using a Google Form

Mentor Mob Example

I am thankful that Miss Wilcox and Mrs. McCumber chose to empower students to be creative, engaged students in the assessment process, and educated them on United States History movements.

*Mr. Krause would have completed the learning experience using the same methods, but with limited computer accessibility was unable to complete the project as stated above.  He did complete the learning experience, but using another approach.

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