Friday, November 16, 2012

Teacher Leaders Sharing With Teachers

Now this was awesome!

Several teachers attended the Midwest Google Summit on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  I only attended through Twitter via #mwgs and while I learned some things, I am now receiving emails from teachers with links of resources they learned about at the Summit.

How cool is that!  Teachers come to me for technology resources and ideas for implementing them, but NOW they are sending me links.

Exactly what we want.  Our school district wants teachers who are SPARKS in the educational atmosphere.  When this happens, the teachers take ownership.  After all, it is everyone's school.

I am thrilled that teachers send me links that I will be able to pass on to other teachers.

Maybe the teaches should be the Technology Integration Specialist consider themselves a #techcoach

By the way, You Google Wrong & Google Quick Guide are just some of the resources teachers have shared with me.
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