Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Approach To Integrating Technology

Watch Before Reading.

Some view this as funny (I did), but I immediately thought,

"This represents different perspectives of teachers and integrating technology into the classroom."

The father represents teachers who may not feel comfortable integrating technology tools into their classroom.  They know it may be the right thing to do (Dad knew it was the right thing to accompany his daughter on this ride), but their not at all comfortable.  Honestly, I wasn't that comfortable in 2008 when I started, but attended the TIES conference in Minneapolis and realized 3,000 other educators moved me to start and thrive using these tools.

The daughter represents the teachers who know that technology can be the tool that thrills the learner to become self-motivated, creative, and collaborative.  They smile from ear to ear when a new tech tool is introduced to them, they find a useful and appropriate way to integrate it into their content, and successfully do so with students.

Ironically, the dad got a taste of the thrill of the ride.  He had a choice of getting off for the second ride and chose not to.  Awesome!  It is the responsibility of all educators, not just library media specialists or technology integration specialists to introduce the first initial ride.  The ride of the tech tool that enhances a lesson because the process was well planned out and all things went smoothly.

The teachers who are like the little girl who loved the ride or loved incorporating technology can be the biggest motivator for continuing the process.  Get those teachers to share via blogging, Twitter, or YouTube the wonderful successes that can happen.

If these two types of people can work together, then everyone becomes like the ride.  Constantly, enabling teachers on both ends of the spectrum to feel safe and secure while experiencing the thrill of integrating technology into any lesson.
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